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Departmental Services

Section      Services
Planning Section
  • Observation, investigation, research and statistical analysis, management of hydrology and planning information.
  • Planning for River training and drainage, coast protection.
  • Collecting flood prevention information.
Construction Section
  • Affairs of Coasts protection and rivers training structures to be designed, constracted, and constructed etc..
  • Constructing relevant projects.
  • Flood prevention works.
Management Section
  • Dealing with newborn lands or river bank.
  • Rivers and coasts management.
  • Public land in rivers to plant, check cases where permission is requested to take over rivers sand and rocks or use public land in rivers to plant etc..
  • Dealing with illegal cases regarding rivers.
  • Promoting flood prevention and public regard for rivers.
Property Section
  • Management and maintenance of information equipment.
  • Water resources use lands investigation, collection, purchase pricing and management.
  • Public land appropriation, water resources use lands management, river area-land demarcation.
Secretary Office
  • Documents and files management.
  • Property and office equipment management.
  • Technician, government employee management.
  • Salaries, handling of cash, assets, study and inspection.
  • Any other necessary tasks not otherwise defined in other sections.
Accounts Office
  • Winter counts, accounting, statistics etc..
Personnel Office
  • Personnel affairs.
Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Civil service ethics affairs.